Sand Schooner

A Caravel that goes across sand instead of ocean.


Sailing the desert

Sand Schooner: Gargantuan vehicle; Profession (sailor)
+2; Spd wind ×20 ft. (nautical average); Overall AC –3;
Section hp 25 (hardness 5); Rigging 15 hp (hardness 0),
Section AC 3; Ram 8d6; Space 40 ft.; Height 15 ft.; Crew
15; Cargo 50 tons; Cost 8,500 gp.
Though rarely seen, the sand schooner is a popular
vehicle among certain deep-desert denizens, who use it as
a merchant vessel and as a warship. A sand schooner has
enough room on its deck for two light catapults or ballistas.
Because ships that travel on sand need not worry about
sinking, a schooner’s cargo holds have additional hatches
located on either side of the hull. These two doors are
built to pivot downward and create a simple but effective
cargo ramp. A sand schooner moves 2 to 7 miles per hour,
depending on the wind, and requires fl at, open sand on
which to travel


Sand Schooner

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